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Season Mode is where you choose a team and try to win a World Series. You can either create your own in 32 team expansion mode or choose a regular team in 30 team (in expansion mode, you can choose a regular MLB team). You can do a dream draft or leave the team how it is (Hint: I recommend that you do dream draft if you chose an expansion team). If you choose to do a dream draft, here are the players you should pick:

1st round: A. Pujols, 1B Cardinals or A. Rodriguez, 3B Yankees
2nd round: D. Wright, 3B Mets (if Pujols) or H. Ramirez, SS Marlins (if Rodriguez)
3rd round: J. Morneau, 1B Twins (used as DH or 1B)
Mlb-power-pros-20071008065117701 640w

A picture of the 2007 season mode

4th round: R. Oswalt, P Astros or A. Wainwright, P Cardinals or J. Beckett, P Red Sox (if available)
5th round: R. Braun, LF Brewers

You should probably try to get Bengie Molina on the Giants. He's a good catcher and he doesn't go until the 12th round. Also Paul Byrd is a good pitcher for the Indians and he doesn't get picked until around the 12th round. Carlos Lee is a powerful OF for the Astros, so look out for him, too.

Tips from AgentP: 2008 dream draftEdit

I got Evan Longoria in like the 17th round, or the 12th. He goes very late. Also, Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit went to me in the 22nd round!!! San Francisco SP Tim Lincecum went in the fifth round, so I grabbed him. My team ended up with many players like Luke Scott and B.J. Upton, who are both outfielders. I messed up and got Jeff Mathis in about the 11th round, although he did become a quality catcher when I traded Doumit.

2007 ResultsEdit

1 Albert Pujols
2 Roy Oswalt
3 Jason Bay
4 Trevor Hoffman (Mariano Rivera also went in this round)
5 Torii Hunter
6 Brad Hawpe
7 Tim Wakefield
8 Mike Lowell
9 David Ortiz*
10 Jamie Moyer
11 Scott Olsen
12 Prince Fielder*
13 Mark DeRosa
14 Josh Bard
15 Jason Repko
16 Jonathan Sanchez
17 Chris Gomez
18 Jonny Gomes*
19 James Shields*
20 Fernando Rodney*
21 Mike Rouse
22 Kiko Calero
23 C.J. Wilson
24 Lance Cormier
25 Sergio Mitre
26 Kory Casto
27 Carlos Marmol*
28 Kevin Kouzmanoff
29 J.D. Durbin
30 Jason Hirsh
31 Adam Lind*
32 Rocky Cherry

In free agency, I got Strasburg, Ogando, Jaso, Mr. Bear, A.Jackson, and Hector Gimenez.

In Round 4, it is probably better to select Rivera.